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Be smarter, be conical

The Importance of Choosing Conical Drums over Cylindrical Drums

When it comes to packaging and transporting liquid or powder-based products, the choice of drum is critical. While cylindrical drums have been a popular option for many years, conical drums are becoming an increasingly popular choice due to several advantages they offer. One of the biggest advantages of conical drums is that they can save transport costs and storage space, making them a smarter choice for businesses. In this article, we will explore the key benefits of choosing conical drums over cylindrical drums.

  1. Saving Transport Costs: Conical drums are designed to be stackable, which means that more drums can be loaded onto a single pallet or truck. This results in fewer trips, reducing transportation costs and improving efficiency. Additionally, the conical shape of the drums allows them to be nested inside each other when empty, further reducing the amount of space needed for transportation.


2. A pallet of cylindrical drums compared to conical drums Maximizing Storage Space: Conical drums are also designed to maximize storage space, making them an ideal choice for businesses that have limited storage space. The tapered shape of the drums allows them to be nested inside each other, reducing the amount of space needed to store empty drums. This is especially important for businesses that need to store large quantities of drums and want to minimize the amount of space they take up.



  1. scaricare fustiEase of Handling: Conical drums are also easier to handle than cylindrical drums. The tapered shape of the drums makes them easier to grip, lift and destock. You can also use SILFA PILLOW to destock it even easier. This is particularly important for businesses that need to handle large numbers of drums on a daily basis.


  1. Reduced Waste: The conical shape of the drums also reduces waste. The drums are designed to discharge their contents more efficiently, reducing the amount of waste left in the drum and improving product utilization. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, as well as reducing their environmental impact.

In conclusion, choosing conical drums over cylindrical drums can offer numerous benefits for businesses. From reducing transportation costs and maximizing storage space to improving ease of handling and reducing waste, conical drums offer a smart choice for companies that need to transport and store liquid or powder-based products. If you are looking for high-quality conical drums, be sure to check out the range of products offered by Silfa, a leading producer of metal packaging.

Visit www.silfa.it to learn more about the benefits of conical drums and find the perfect packaging solution for your business today!


I nostri fusti conici da 220 lt hanno ottenuto una nuova omologazione per trasporto di liquidi.
Di seguito le omologazioni conseguite dai nostri fusti: 

Modello Spessore Peso Quantità per pallet
SOLID CP22L7 0,7 mm 13 kg No.52  CP3 114x114x200
SOLID CP22L7 0,9 mm 16 kg No.52 CP3 114x114x200
LIQUID CP22L8 0,8 mm 16,4 kg No.52 CP3 114x114x200
UN1A2/Y1,2/80/**/F/SLF/LRM AG51 # UN1A2/Z1,8/80/F/SLF/LRM AG51

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