Imagine Nemo without Dori.
Imagine Aladdin without the Genius.
Imagine Shrek without Donkey.

You can’t.

Now imagine your coffee without a high quality customized metal can.

The protagonist is your coffee.
But your coffee needs a great helper.

Your coffee needs a Silfa #metalcan that preserves the aroma and guarantee the total isolation of the content. Moreover, it must transmit to your customer the perception of your product’s high quality.

We believe that every design-related detail of the product is as relevant as the technical and functional aspects.

Silfa Metal Packaging coffee can functional aspects:

A Silfa Metal Can is specifically designed to guarantee the total isolation of the contents.When requested, a valve is applied on the outside of the tin and it eliminates the intermediate storage of degassing products.

As a result, consumers can experience the product’s full aroma and enjoy an extended shelf life.

Silfa Metal Packaging coffee can lithographic aspects:

Your packaging speaks directly to your customers.

Make sure it shares the right message!

Colour is undoubtedly the first element that influences consumer purchasing choices: our lithographic experts make sure you will obtain the desired colour.

Last but not least: your product must be immediately recognisable.

That is the reason why we give you the possibility to customize your metal package with top-quality gloss, matte and soft-touch paints.