19th April 2017
Vincenzo Cereda and his business partner founded Silfa in 1957. At that time the employees were three: his wife Elia, Pinetta (Giusy for friends) and Maurilio, lifelong friend and cousin.
The idea comes from the founder’s love for his job as head of mechanical workshop, that used to bring home some work to do before and after his usual working day.
Two years later, as the business was doing well, they decided to buy a warehouse, called Lerón, in order to expand their production and acquire new customers.
Today the second-generation is continuing the business, while the third one is starting to enter.
Silfa is therefore the result of the intuitive choices of Vincenzo’s successors that were able to keep alive his values without losing sight of the future and market needs.
Over the years the company has evolved, introducing new production lines and quality products
On 19th April 2017 Silfa turned 60. All the employees have commemorated the event together.