Our 220 l conical drums have obtained a new UN certificate of approval for the carriage of liquid hazardous goods. Please find below a table with the list of certificates that we have achieved:

Model Thickness Weight Quantity per pallet
SOLID CP22L7 0,7 mm 13 kg No.52  CP3 114x114x200
SOLID CP22L7 0,9 mm 16 kg No.52 CP3 114x114x200
LIQUID CP22L8 0,8 mm 16,4 kg No.52 CP3 114x114x200
UN1A2/Y1,2/80/**/F/SLF/LRM AG51 # UN1A2/Z1,8/80/F/SLF/LRM AG51

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need further information.