On November 27, 2023, the eagerly anticipated annual event organized by Assolombarda and dedicated to the know-how of businesses in the Province of Monza and Brianza took place: the TOP 500+.

It was an authentic occasion for sharing and reflection, where institutions and entrepreneurship came together to provide a precise and up-to-date overview of the economic system of the province, along with its perspectives and projects.

The Monza and Brianza companies included in the 2023 “TOP 500+” ranking reported revenues for 2022 ranging from 11.2 million to 4.7 billion euros. The maximum threshold slightly decreased compared to the previous year, while the minimum threshold shifted upward once again.

Today, it is no longer sufficient to focus solely on the economic aspect; environmental, social, and governance factors are crucial to qualify an activity as sustainable. During the event, the president of the Symbola Foundation, Ermete Realacci, presented an engaging and inspirational scenario:

«In the field of circular economy, Italy confirms itself as the European country with the highest percentage of recycling across all types of waste, urban and industrial. Alongside Germany, we are European leaders in the quantity of recycled secondary materials in manufacturing, with a potential savings of 21 million equivalent tons of oil and 58 million tons of CO2.

Our productive chromosomes, linked to the culture of ‘producing beautiful things under the shadow of bell towers that please the world,’ outline numerous strengths. Often, these intersect with the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, especially in sectors where our economy proves more competitive. Our commitment aims to offer a significant contribution to Europe in its environmental challenge.

Italian-American director Frank Capra stated, “The amateurs play for fun when the weather is nice, the professionals play to win in the midst of the storm”. The choice today to focus on Europe, even to combat climate changes and build a new economy amidst the storm, requires our best qualities. And we can only do it to win.»

Since 2015, SILFA has been supporting the “Metal Recycles Forever” logo created by Metal Packaging Europe. This communication campaign helps consumers understand the key role in recycling steel and aluminum packaging.

Furthermore, SILFA is investing in technologies to further reduce its environmental impact. An internal project to give new life to its metal packaging is currently in development.

In 2024, the results of these efforts will be officially announced in its Sustainability Report.

With this ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation, SILFA looks to the future with confidence, actively contributing to the construction of a greener European economy.

Top500+ Monza Brianza 2023 — Assolombarda