In the special January 2024 edition of the Plimsoll Studio report titled “Metal and Tinned Containers,” a comprehensive analysis was conducted on the 79 largest and most successful companies in the industry, including S.I.L.F.A. Societa’ Imballaggi Latta Fusti Acciaio – S.R.L. The study utilized the Plimsoll model to evaluate the company’s financial strength, market value, and economic performance, revealing insightful findings.

  • With a substantial turnover of 52 million euros, Silfa secures an admirable 19th position among the top 79 companies in the metal and tinned containers industry in Italy.
  • The financial health of S.I.L.F.A. stands out with a “Solid” rating, placing it among the companies with the most robust financial positions in the industry. This signifies a commendable financial stability that enhances the company’s credibility.
  • In terms of market value, S.I.L.F.A. claims the 26th position among the enterprises in the industry with the highest market values. This acknowledgment underscores the company’s significant presence and value within the competitive market landscape.

S.I.L.F.A. S.R.L.’s remarkable performance in the Plimsoll Studio’s January 2024 report reflects its strength and prominence in the metal and tinned containers sector. With a solid financial standing, considerable market value, and a notable position among industry leaders, S.I.L.F.A. continues to be a key player, setting benchmarks for excellence in the Italian market.

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